Movement of the ones Without Ceiling of Salvador (MSTS), state of the Bahia - Brazil

Anonyme, Domingo, Mayo 11, 2008 - 20:09

raphael cloux

Word-key: Movement of the ones Without Ceiling of Salvador; Fight for Housing; Urban conflicts; Urban history of the Gift.

[an english translation of a brief intro about this movement.]

The present work turns on the trajectory of the Movement of the ones Without Ceiling of Salvador (MSTS), state of the Bahia - Brazil, and adopted as method of boarding the materialistic perspective dialectic and for procedure the historical inquiry. The MSTS was established in August of a 2003 after series of occured land occupations in the quarter of Mussurunga and the Old Road of the Airport, region of the marrow (region between the Parallel Avenue, the BR-324 and the quarter of the Iguatemi) of the city.

Having in that as semester and the following year great prominence in the bahian media, in such a way printed how much of televising broadcasting and, creating a significant impact in the daily one of the capital, when it started to occupy building and public and private lands, abandoned for its proprietors, and to alert for the civil society, state agencies, media and economic structure, the existence of those property and a great contingent of without ceilings. Those people did not have where to establish a proper housing, either for liveing under of bridges and viaducts, in barracos, hillsides, of favor or rent. In the years of the 2005 and 2006 movement it passed for a period of estruturação of its internal organization, constructing and consolidating collective forums of decision and participation, however without losing the capillarity in the mobilization and the occupations, although certain new outbreak in the covering of the bahian media.

At the moment of the field research, in February of 2007, they had been registered twenty and five nuclei, occupations and community, where they had been raised characteristic of the occupying and resident population, as amount of families, etnia and habitacional tipologia. The MSTS comes demonstrating to be a social movement of against-hegemonic fight to the current society, in the measure where it stops beyond the claim for the housing and urban reform, it longs for to construct Communities of the Good To live, inspired in bows of fraternity and communion as the historical experiences of Canudos and the Quilombos.

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