“The End of America” is Thomas Paine Reborn

Anonyme, Domingo, Mayo 4, 2008 - 17:45

Daniel Debut

“The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot” by Naomi Wolf (Chelsea Green Publishing 2007) is the Thomas Paine hue and cry to The Peoples’ nation suffocating from tyranny. This concise booklet, of 155 pages of text, is an absolute must read for “every” American who cares about liberty—irrespective of political affiliation. It stands in direct opposition to the fast encroachment of the leviathan’s despotism that is evolving to suffocate our livelihoods.

Despite the reality there is only a small minority of Americans who know that there are “many” recently published, eye-opening, books that all of us ought to read for essential political awareness—The End of America strikes to the core of what we need be concerned. Yet Americans, in particular, are not reading nearly enough to understand the big picture.

Therefore for those that have been asleep over the years, and especially for young people, The End Of America is a great primer to awaken the slumberous. Still this work is uncannily shocking, in its summary form, for even those of us who have been paying attention, because there is a reason why the word “warning” is in its title. One way to serve your country is to make it a goal to become informed and to organize. Our soldiers are being used as canon fodder for a t design.

This notice is not a book review. You can easily find plenty. I’m simply pointing the finger and saying: “Take Heed” because this may be our last chance.

In another words, Wolf’s work is a piece of “intelligence” that tidily does much of the grueling assessment toil for you. If you have ever gone into a library and looked at books written about “authoritarianism” you’ll note that they get to 500 pages, with all kinds of seemingly esoteric stuff, that only serious historical scholars would find motivation to endure. But Naomi has done a lot of this reading for you! Then she explains what you need to pay attention to now.

Furthermore she, as a writer, is not as artsy as Thomas Paine’s in his famous “Common Sense”. Somehow we have been led to believe that Paine’s refined, foppish style, with his English penchant for literary wit and elegant prose, was popular during the American Revolution. Whereas, Wolf’s writing is concerned with just getting the necessary ideas across—not flourishing us with tropes and spectacles of expression—truer to our way of American pragmatism.

And whereas the common pamphlet of American Revolution literature may have been anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 words—many Americans can hardly tolerate more than a several paragraphs. Nevertheless her book reads well. So one need not be a scholar or intellectual to find it worthy.

Simply, she conveys that there are patterns to how dictatorships evolve—irrespective of whether leftist communist takeovers or right-wing t coups. She identifies ten patterns (however missed the one about taking away citizens guns) and then shows how propaganda used today as relayed by the big media is similar to what was used during Mussolini’s and Hilter’s and Stalin’s time. Such a work ought raise eyebrows.

P.S. She signed her work July 14, 2007. Now if we can simply get every able-minded American, who truly cares about freedom to read it by July 4, 2008—we might still have a chance to redeem our freedom and humanity.

And after you have read it share you awareness with others—or do you still think you have a choice?

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