For a fair blood donation (petition before 31 May08)

Anonyme, Miércoles, Febrero 27, 2008 - 09:57

In Quebec, as well as in Canada at large, every man who had a sexual relationship with another man since 1977 is automatically excluded from donating blood, regardless of whether or not they were monogamous and/or used protection. We consider this regulation discriminatory.

This is why we made a petition to ask Hema-Quebec, the Canadian Blood Services, and Health Canada to change their blood donor policy.

We urge you to print this petition and collect as much signatures as possible. When it is done, send it back to the address written on it. We plan on depositing the petition on June 14th, which is the Worldwide blood donation day, unless canadian elections happen before. Please return petitions before May 31, 2008.

We also wish to obtain organization support. If you wish to sign-on to the petition as an official support from a group, write to us and share your logo and web site.

Together, we can change things.
Help us save lives !

Source : Maxime Boissonneault, president of l'AGLEBUS : aglebus[arobas]

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