Letter to parliamentarians [The CSIS: the Gestapo of Canada]

Anonyme, Martes, Enero 22, 2008 - 15:32

Jorge Torrealba

As my book "THE CSIS: THE GESTAPO OF CANADA", is in fact a treatise on Scientific Economics, I have asked my publisher to hold its printing for a few weeks. I have a great responsibility to be accurate and clear in my exposure of this new technology.

I have submitted my manuscript to the critical revision by all my colleagues in the Third World, associates of mine in Techno Economics International Consultants. My final manuscript with the corrected version re-submitted already to my publisher, is attached. I hope that in face of the increasing unemployment occurring presently in Canada, while the Minister of Trade has no initiative to increase our international commerce, Baird doesn't have a clue on non-pollutant fuels, and all other Ministers have nothing to contribute to the recovery of the economy of Canada – except lie, innuendo and misrepresentation – you will submit this final copy to your experts who could advise you what motions your parties must propose to start immediately creating new jobs in Canada.

If the opposition unites only on the emergency of the economy, (Liberals, NDPs and Bloquistes) they have the majority and could become the working real government in the House. (Harper would be just a rubber stamp). Their success in creating new employment immediately would be the best honest, trustful and ethical publicity of the opposition parties to go to an election on Nov. 2009. Some small industrial towns in Quebec are paralyzed by the collapse of their main industries. (If you start immediately mutating our economy, by Election Day you would have reduced unemployment by one percent, at least). (If you increase bilateral trade, our Gross National Product may be corrected in a year by 5%). New industries of non-pollutant-clean-fuels must be started in Quebec to re-direct employment from the foreign corporations that transferred their facilities outside of Canada, leaving some Quebec towns depleted of activity. However, no Third World country would be interested in trading with Canada - committed to globalization -unless Scientific Human Economics would be adopted in the bilateral agreements. You must start with the liberated nations of Latin America, and with Iran, China, South Korea, and Viet Nam.

I trust that this information will help the Opposition to defeat in Nov. 2009 the corrupted Government of Harper covering-up for the crimes the Mulroney people perpetrated on me, through CSIS, an extension of the CIA in Canada created by Mulroney under command of Reagan. (Minister Day is accountable for the crimes of the perjurer cop, and I trust the Opposition will take him to account, as soon as the next session opens, with my sincere and emotional thanks. Stockwell Day must pay my damages immediately, to allow me to assist the Opposition with all the power of my knowledge and the logistics necessary to publicize the propriety of the Opposition parties).

I wish the Opposition success in this united responsibility to create new jobs for our jobless, and to expand our global bilateral trade (totally ignored by Emerson). The electors of Canada will reward your parties with your wiping the corrupted and fraudulent government of Harper, out of the pristine Parliament of Canada.

The Harper people have exactly the same information as you have. The Fibbing Prime Minister could immediately execute the mutations that are necessary in our economy, (CHAPTER VIII, page 65) but –apparently – Washington is holding his privates very tightly, because Scientific Human Economics scares stiff the corporate masters of the White House. (I know that Condoleezza is breathing fire in Harper's neck).

Jorge Torrealba, Director General, TEIC,
Halifax, NS. (you may find the English version of Counterattack, a treatise on Human Economics under “LIBROS GRATIS" [free books], plus three other Spanish books of mine. You can choose the English language in this site).

Note: Conservative backbenchers should keep informed the President of the Conservative Party and Mr. Preston Manning, president of the Reform Party who may not be very happy knowing that the Harper’s inner-sanctum is covering-up for Quebecois Mulroney who was expelled of government by a furious electorate, leaving only two conservatives in the House. Harper is ruining the whole Party just to cover-up the crimes of Mulroney that - just the same - are very well exposed in my book. The treason of Harper to his party is totally nonsensical because the gang of Mulroney will have to face the facts, unless Minister Day prefers to resign. Please, have the courtesy of sending a copy of THE CSIS: THE GESTAPO OF CANADA, to Mr. Manning, who is a respectable and still very influential political figure of the West. He still has clout on conservatives across the whole of Canada.

The dictatorial approach of Harper to his ministers and caucus has led to his belief that he can order anything and the whole country would obey. Unfortunately for his semi-god approach, he just does not make sense. His lies and betrayal of his word and signature –well publicized by Mr. Danny Williams – have made him a person that every Canadian must distrust. Now, he has complete and irrefutable evidence of the crimes of the associates of Mulroney, but he refuses since four month ago to transfer my complaints to the Ethics Committee, as is my constitutional right to demand from my Prime Minister. He gives selective press conferences and forbids his ministers to be open with the press. I trust the caucus – made up of respectable Canadians whose philosophy I do not share - will persuade the Conservative fraudulent dictator to have compassion and pay my legitimate compensation for the crimes of the associates of Mulroney, on me and my family.

All Conservatives must understand that a scientific human economics will assist all productive elements of a democratic society. The West of Canada mostly conservative has a multiplicity of medium size enterprises producers of meat, grains and manufacturing. They will benefit immensely with the advent of an ethical human economics. Wal-Mart and other macro multinationals across Canada owned by Americans will be the only opponents of the discipline of our economics because they will have to obey Canadian regulations protecting the consumer and the worker. Only the despotic honchos of the multinational globalization have reasons to be scared because a real ethical global economy does not work within a fraudulent system that commits extortion on Humanity. When you get rid of the fraud of Harper and the criminal actions of Mulroney, the conservative party would be capable to govern in a democratic society.

It is in the interest of the whole body of conservative MPs to have Minister Day paying the damages that are detailed in the appendices of my book. I indicate there that once this payment is made, I’ll request the whole Parliament of Canada to offer Mulroney total exoneration not because he may be innocent, but because the economy of Canada needs responsible, ethical and continuous attention from Parliament, particularly when we all know that the fraud of globalization is crumpling and the economic global decay will continue hurting our people. The fraudulent game is over; we must rebuild the Canadian economy with modern procedures and techniques belonging to the 21st Century. If the plenum of Parliament offer clemency to Mulroney, the Conservative Party of Canada will clean itself from the most shameful and sleazy crimes of a Conservative Prime Minister of Canada. Please Conservative MPs with the help of Mr. Manning, persuade Harper (in the pocket of Mulroney) to pay my legitimate damages as presented in the two appendices of my book.

If dishonest Harper continues denying me what is mine, he is fabricating another public scandal, in the sequence of frauds that characterizes his government. All Conservative MPs are risking their reelection if they continue sticking with the frauds of their boss. Speak up in your caucus.


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