Open letter to the Parliament of Canada

Anonyme, Sábado, Julio 21, 2007 - 15:21



This is a reply to the unsigned, undated circular letter sent to me with the following codes that may help you to identify this communication:

OARVIN NS 79046 255/5 200390663 7

Your piece of paper does not take into consideration the fact that my wife Ana Maria Davila Sanchez separated from me because of an “act of war�? happening to us in Cameroon in 1985, but continued to be my dependant when going to Madrid to take refuge with her family.

I was under contract by the government of Cameroon as permanent professor of Engineering in the University of Yaoundé. The Faculty of Engineering was a bastion of the secret service of France disguised as professors, and they participated in bribing the Presidential guard to give a Coup-d’etat against President Paul Biya. The Army, loyal to the President, contained the treason in a matter of hours, the presidential guard was arrested and more than 50% of its members faced a firing squad. The French professors in the faculty of Engineering left the country protected by the French Embassy. However, some French secret service men were arrested and received a pardon by the president, under pressure from France – colonial power that owns the commerce of most ex-colonies in Africa.

Because of my color I was arrested being taken by French. Thanks to Cameroonian colleagues friends of mine my nationality was cleared in the National Security of Cameroon and I was liberated. However, all my assets were confiscated (I owned a well equipped construction company in Cameroon) and I remained penniless with a broken contract without any compensation, robbing me the residence and the tickets for me and my wife to return to Canada.

For the safety of my wife I asked the Canadian Embassy to assist my wife to go to Madrid to take refuge with her parents, what they did promptly. Ana and I agreed that the separation was permanent because I was penniless, stranded in a country where the contract with the government was being violated and my investments in Cameroon were confiscated. Reality demanded that my wife should reorient her life in Spain while I remained in Cameroon hopeless, without any assistance from the Canadian Embassy who accused me of bringing this problem on myself for having signed a contract directly with Cameroon without asking CIDA to assist me. This was rhetoric because CIDA is only for those who have the right political connections, and I was a supporter of the NDP not of the Mulroney corruption. The Ambassador himself was a patronage appointee of Mulroney that had no diplomatic experience. He simply called me a “stupid Immigrant�? and told me not to bother his Embassy anymore.

My wife left Cameroon on 1985 whereas I could escape in 1988 with the assistance of one of my children who sent me the money to return back to Canada. I approached the Office of the Prime Minister to request some help but his Chief of Staff instructed the Mounted Police to lay charges on me for “menacing the Prime Minister�?. That was false, I wrote frustrated, stupid letters because I was victim of a serious nervous breakdown that kept me under psychiatric treatment until 1997, as you may know in my file with the Social Security Services of Moncton, where I lived with one of my sons, until I was secluded in a residence. I landed in Jail for the crime of being abandoned by the Canadian Embassy of Cameroon and a generous judge who noticed how sick I was send me to take psychiatric treatment.

These events were extremely damaging for my wife that is now almost a zombie, living with her parents. This obliged me to consider her (separated only because a war forced us to separate) as my dependant, and I have shared my miserable pension with her the best I could, because her parents are poor people.

The criminal abuse of Mulroney, his chief of Staff and of his Ambassador was reported to Chrétien and McDonough. Chrétien did not acknowledge receipt: an assistant of McDonough did, but I never heard a helping word from the opposition politicians. Since Mulroney the Parliament of Canada is a circus that does not respect the Canadian electors. Washington governs the cattle in Parliament and Mulroney, Chrétien, Martin and the present calamity of Harper have obeyed to the criminals in Washington against the interest of Canada and Canadians.

I exhort you, the chief of the department that robbed me my supplement because I have a dependent, to correct your violation of my rights as a pensioner of Canada. I am sending copy to Dion, McDonough, Layton and May for their amusement. I am certain that like in the pass, nobody will lift a finger to correct this abusive injustice except that now there is a critical election in the near future. Maybe somebody will see that the opportune publication of the dirt of Mulroney, his Chief of Staff and his patronage Ambassador in Cameroon, may help Canada to get rid of Harper and the opposition may assume power and continue a different kind of Circus following their own misguided, greedy interests.

Since I cannot count on the hypocritical, coward and corrupted politicians of the Opposition, I intend to approach the press if this impropriety of your Department is not corrected. What is most irresponsible of your department is not to have a copy of my file with social services in Moncton, where I passed ½ of my time in limbo, incapable to describe my true marital situation, or the tragedy of my wife and her family. Have you received orders from the Office of Harper to abuse the seniors, who cannot defend themselves and may die before the next election?

Jorge Torrealba,
One of your Victims,
Senior Citizen,
Halifax, NS.

CC; Stephane Dion, Leader of the Liberal Party,
Jack Layton, Leader of the NDP,
Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party,
Alexa McDonough, MP for Halifax, NS.

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