White Book: NATO Crimes in Yugoslavia

Lenin, Domingo, Agosto 20, 2006 - 19:38

This is one of the most detailed official records of the war crimes perpetrated against by NATO against the people of Yugoslavia during the 1999 aggression. The book is based on the official research and investigations done by a number of Yugoslav federal and local government agencies.

This publication contains dry factual information gathered by investigators in the field, supported by photographic evidence and eyewitness testimony. Some of the aspects of this publication may prove to be too graphic for immature audiences, so reader's discretion is advised.

The book consists of two parts. The first part was published during the war and covers events that took place from March 24 to April 24, 1999. The second part of the book contains information about events that occurred between April 25 and June 10, 1999.

Both parts of this publication are available for online browsing in HTML format and for download as ZIP archives.

It is always useful to have other versions than the oficial one about wars going on. The official version comes from the capitalist class and we know they tell the truth only when their interests are not exposed and in danger.

Here is the link to the book wich contains many pictures.
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