URGENT News on Israel's WAR of AGGRESSION on Lebanon

mikec, Martes, Julio 25, 2006 - 06:19

Michael Corbeil

Here is a news update from Dahr Jamail and IPS, and of rather VERY URGENT nature.

MAJOR, VERY HIGH death rate, especially among children of 15 years of age and less, although also overall high death, ..., rate(s). And according to the information IPS was provided with, the high rate or toll is extremely because of new weapons being used by Israel, and of the type that BUST UP refugee bomb shelters, which the IDF has rather directly bombed and also rather DELIBERATELY. After all, Israel knows what these facilities are used for.

And these weapons are sold to Israel by the USA, including the shelter busters, as well as Israel employing white phospherous, the substance that acts very similar to, or simply today's new version of NAPALM.

Additionally, the International Committee of the Red Cross is NOT HELPING AT ALL!! The Lebanese Red Cross is said to be doing ALL it can to help, but the Lebanese right now NEED the aid of the ICRC!!!

"Dahr Jamail: Bombings Hit Children Hardest", IPS, July 24, 2006, (CD from now on)

And, GUESS WHAT else there is for complementary news!

"US Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for Israelis", by David S. Cloud & Helene Cooper, NYT, July 22, 2006,

Readers should also be very interested in the following news.

"Robert Fisk: Israelis Bomb Fleeing Villagers" (LITERALLY, deliberatelly with full knowledge!!), July 24, 2006, (CP from now on)

"Willful Fantasies and Reality in Today's M. E. Conflict", by James Zogby, founder and president of the Arab American Institute, AAI, a or the politcal and policy research arm for the Arab American community, Huffington Post, July 22, 2006,

"Alexander Cockburn: Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need to Know: A perilous excusion into the distant past, starting seven whole weeks ago", July 21 2006,

"Robert Fisk: From My Home, I Saw What 'War on Terrorism' Meant" (ain't no war of T., but OF), July 15, 2006,

And a little extra:

"Reporter 'Plants Bomb' on Nuke Train", by Tom Parry, Mirror/UK, July 24, 2006, (Quite a FITTING name for the website of Alex Jones, or perhaps him and Paul Joseph Watson, who at least posts there regularly.)

Mike Corbeil
Hatley Township, Qc

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