Audio : la marche Solidarité Sans Frontières vers Ottawa entame sa 5e journée

simms, Miércoles, Junio 22, 2005 - 10:57

PatC pour le CMAQ


Après quelques difficultés techniques avec la communication, hier, PatC nous livre un premier rapport audio en cette 5e journée de la marche Solidarité Sans Frontières. Les marcheurs sont présentement (10h30) dans le Parc Carillon, et se dirigent vers Grenville.
Environ 75-80 personnes marchent toujours.

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charity or direct action
Mié, 2005-06-22 12:10

as a refugee and person without legal status in canada. i have few critical thoughts about this march. i am not sure that this is a good strategy. i personally have learned that the only people you can rely on in canada is your lawyers, no flaky activists can be relied on when dealing with immigration. only your lawyer can really help you. how many hundreds of people are sitting in jails while this march is going on, rotting away in detention centres? how much time and money has gone into a march that will not change a thing, this is merely liberal fluff, some gandhian march isn't going to change a thing especially when it is comprised of a few dozen non-status non-voting wanna be canadians that we are and marginalized white canadian radicals. but hey what do i know i am just a non-status non-citizen i am sure the well heeled "activists" know more then me. if you want to help then take direct action against the system (like in Australia or San Francisco where Immigration was directly targeted by actions), but no fluffy march is going to do a damned thing for any of us non-status people existing here. i am sure if you have legal status it may seem like a noble idea but in terms of real politik it isn't going to change a damned thing for any of us who each day live in fear from CIC and CSIS and even being pulled over by the metro cops because we don't look "Canadian" enough. the detention centre in Laval just minutes from downtown is teeming with people imprisoned for no other reason then they weren't born in Kanada. So thanks for all your good intentions but this march is a waste of resources that could be used to directly assist illegals in Kanada rather then hoping that some liberal party technocrats is going to magically change the laws and that good old white Kanada is going to magically wake up and change their age old anglo racism. just my two cents from the underside of the community that doesn't have any charter rights.

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