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Informations about the Hip Hop City project, that will happen in the V Intercontinental Youth Camp, during the V World Social Forum in Brazil.

Hip Hop City - V World Social Forum

From January 26 to 31, will happen in Porto Alegre (Brazil), the V World Social Forum, and with it, the V Intercontinental Youth Camp.

The Intercontinental Youth camp is going to host the Hip Hop City, a space that is part of the Roots Reference Center, (directed to the expression and activities by youth resistance cultures, as well as activities about the black movement).

The Hip Hop City is going to be an open space, where EVERYONE from the Hip Hop culture can inscribe activities, and workshops involving Hip Hop’s four elements, social and cultural projects, debates, and discussion panels about subjects related to the Hip Hop culture. The activities can be presented to a public of 50 to 600 people. Taking place at the Hip Hop City is the second National Hip Hop Forum.Aiming that this space strengths its position inside the activities of the Intercontinental Youth Camp, is necessary that all the rappers, MCs, DJs, graffiti artists, in short, all the brothers and sisters involved with Hip Hop, participate in its construction, proposing activities, and getting their word around in Porto Alegre.
To inscribe in the Intercontinental Youth Camp, and to propose activities to the Hip Hop City, access the website and go to inscriptions.

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