CKUT Radio: Resisting Palestinian Deportations in Montreal

Anonyme, Viernes, Junio 13, 2003 - 02:40

Stefan Christoff


An interview with Rabie Masri an organizer with the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees in Montreal. Currently in Montreal, Quebec there are over 100 Palestinian refugees facing deportation in the coming days, weeks and months. Most of the refugees are from the refugee camps of Lebanon and from Occupied Palestine. They have claimed refugee status in Canada over the last couple of years. Systematically Palestinian refugee claims are being rejected by Immigration Canada post September 11th. The Palestinian refugees are currently building support & solidarity with groups, organizations and individuals in Montreal and beyond.

The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are forbidden from owning property, working in over 78 professions, receiving proper health care, and moving and traveling freely. These are only a few of the persecutory measures and discriminatory restrictions the Palestinian refugees have to face in Lebanon. Moreover, the intensified mistreatment of Palestinian refugees inside the camps has left their lives in real and immediate peril.

Those Palestinians who have escaped the dire situation in the Occupied Territories, very little need be said as to the terror they face daily and routinely. They have fled from the killings, extrajudicial assassinations, house demolitions, illegal arrests, trials without evidence, torture, land confiscation, and constant humiliations.

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