Israeli Breaches of Cease-fire Tuesday March 26

Carl Desjardins, Wednesday, March 27, 2002 - 12:23


The Israeli occupation forces continue their aggression using wide range of weapons against our people and inflicting more death and suffering.

Israeli Breaches of Cease-fire

From: 19.00hrs Monday March 25

To: 19.00hrs Tuesday March 26

The Israeli occupation forces continue their aggression using wide range of weapons against our people and inflicting more death and suffering.

The occupation forces breached the cease-fire [13] times:-

[2] Palestinians were killed, [29] were injured, among them [7] children and [1] of them critically. [8] Were arrested. [4] Buildings, [5] vehicles, [2] economic establishments were destroyed or damaged. Palestinian controlled areas were invaded [4] times and bombarded [2].

Jerusalem: The occupation forces opened fire at AL Quds university students and at AL Quds ambulance service in Abu Dees injuring several employees. They also arrested five Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem.

Ramallah and Al Birah: The occupation forces broke into and ransacked Palestinian houses in Dair Ibzegh village and humiliated the inhabitants by forcing them to take off their cloths at a military checkpoint between Dair Ibzegh and Ein Areek. They also opened fire at Palestinian houses in Um AL Safa village and brutally beat up the child Mahmoud Hassan Hussein (12) from Dair AL Sudan village. A curfew is still imposed on Um AL Safa village for the third consecutive day and the village suffers the lack of baby milk and basic food supplies.

Nablus: The occupation forces bombarded Balata refugee camp, AL Dahia, AL Jabal AL Shamali, Khalet AL Rohban, the Eastern Market areas and Kofor Qaleel village wounding eight residents and causing severe damages. They also prevented medical staff from reaching the area and arrested Fakher Hassan Nasser (21).

Jenin: The occupation forces arrested Rami Ibrahim Lahlouh (18) from Arraba village on Za’tara military checkpoint and attacked and wounded passengers in a Palestinian passing by vehicle.

Tolkarem: The occupation forces arrested Sami Ibrahim Mohammed on Zinaba-Kufor AL Lobad road.

Hebron: The occupation forces opened fire at Palestinian houses in Al Shalala, Bab AL Zaweyah and AL Sheikh neighborhoods wounding several residents. A curfew is still imposed on the old city.

Bethlehem: The occupation forces shot and killed Khaled Yousef Dababish (19) and Shadi AL Hamamra (22) and continued to close down all main and minor roads.

Khan Younis: The occupation forces prevented a delegation from the International Writers Guild to enter AL Qarara and their troops penetrated in AL Rabawat AL Gharbia under the cover of heavy gunfire.

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