Canadian Court Bans G20 Defendant from Speaking

CMAQ via Mic, Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 16:43

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Alex Hundert's G20 nightmare began on June 26th when Toronto Police raided his home at 4am, arresting he and his partner Leah Henderson at gunpoint. [...] A judge ruled in September that speaking to the media was protected and didn't break the condition. Four days later Hundert was arrested again immediately after participating as an invited speaker on a university panel. This time, after spending an additional four weeks in prison, a judge sided with the police that Hundert did break the 'no demonstration' condition. Hundert's bail was amended to include a total ban on voicing any political view, specifically mentioning that he not speak with the media. [...]

This also includes a sit-down interview with Hundert that was filmed in September, before the new conditions were added.

To say it in a few words ...
Michael Lessard...
Sat, 2010-10-16 16:48

Although this video and situation speaks for itself, I feel compelled to express a statement :

I feel like we, the peoples of Canada, are being violated here.

This ban on political views (normally applicable only to hate propaganda) is a gross violation of the Canadian Constitution and of the fundamental human rights of all people.

Yes, doing this to one person in Canada, is like doing it to all of us.

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