[G20] UPDATED: Lacy MacAuley story - Jail solidarity action attacked by Toronto police (J27)

CMAQ via Mic, Monday, June 28, 2010 - 13:07

by Stefan Christoff, Toronto Media-Coop
An indy reporter, blond lady in a purple shirt, is thrown to the ground and tied by antiriot forces
An indy reporter, Lacy MacAuley, was thrown to the ground and tied by antiriot forces and placed in the detention centre.

we see a woman, captured by a huge agent who drags her by force. The crowd is taken by surprise.
BERNARD WEIL - A woman is detained on Pape Avenue outside of the temporary detention centre - Toronto Star Photoblog

Members of prisoner support rally outside G20 prison beaten, arrested by police

A prisoner solidarity protest in downtown Toronto today faced an unprompted attack by police forces.

[...] As hundreds gathered at the intersection facing the prison doors, the protest mood was spirited; one person played rhythms on a guitar while people chanted along to the music.

[...] Police also carried out snatch squad arrests, rushing into the crowd and violently tackling people to the ground, including an accredited member of the G20 Alternative Media Centre. Faces hit the hard pavement as police in full riot gear randomly arrested participants in the jail solidarity rally.

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Here is a video presenting how they kidnapped a dangerous indep. reporter

Police kidnapping in Toronto from marsupilami dubitatif on Vimeo.

NEW: the reporter in question, Lacy MacAuley, tells her story !

UPDATE: the reporter in question tells her story !
Michael Lessard...
Thu, 2010-07-01 17:46

I added above the link to the story told by the reporter in question.

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