Accommodate This! A series of anti-racist workshops, discussions and events

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Part of the national week of action against racism.
During the month of March 2008, we will be organizing a series of actions to denounce the racism and sexism at the roots of the “Reasonable Accommodation” debate and the Bouchard Taylor commission, and to focus on the real issues faced by racialized and migrant communities in montreal: unjust immigration laws, deportations, detentions, surveillance and harassment, exploitation at work, poverty, criminalization, sexism, police brutality, racial profiling, precarity etc.



a series of workshops on the lived realities of racialized and migrant
communities, to encourage discussions within different marginalized
communities about issues linked to the struggles they are engaged in,
for justice, for dignity and for self-determination.

>> Intersections: Anti-Racism and Feminism
Monday March 10th, 6PM

UQAM, V Pavillion, Room 1430; 209, Ste-Catherine East (Metro: Berri-UQAM)
Speakers :
Alia Al-Saji;
Gada Mahrouse;
No One Is Illegal –Montreal;
Nesrine Bessaih;
Simone de Beauvoir Institute

>> Gender, Race and Religious Identity
Saturday March 15th, 1PM

Centre des Femmes d’Ici et d’Ailleurs; 8043 St-Hubert (Metro: Jarry)
* Note: this workshop is open to women identifying people only.
Racialized and migrant women are encouraged to attend.

>> Fighting State and Interpersonal Gender Violence
Sunday March 16th, 2PM

Parc Extension Community Center; 2nd floor, Room 9; 419 St Roch St. (Metro: Parc)

* French/English translation available.
* Free childcare available.

-- Please RSVP for the workshops at : (514) 398-3323 or email:


The "Accommodate this! report " consists of a collection of testimonies, articles, analysis, letters, discussions, narratives and more, recording the voices of migrant and racialized communities speaking out against racism, sexism and all forms of marginalization. Counter to the Bouchard Taylor report, it goes beyond the flawed and restrictive "debate" on reasonable accommodation to talk about the real issues that affect our communities. The “Accommodate This!” report will be launched during a community forum night in Montreal.

>> Thursday March 20th, 6pm, @ l'Alizé
(900 Ontario East, metro Berri-UQAM)

Dinner, Presentations and Live Performances from local artists.
**Featuring: photos and video clips from the Accommodate this! report; testimonies and presentations; performances by Kalmunity Vibe Collective, Île City, spoken word artists 23 (tu-three) and Aliah, and more!

** Stay tuned for details ! **

Organized by: the "Accommodate this!" Campaign.
For more information, contact: (514) 398-3323 or email:

No One Is Illegal-Montreal
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