No spp - CNs sabotage

Anonyme, Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 02:48

Montreal, August 19, 2007

Tonight, at around 3:10am, a group of autonomous individuals claiming
no association, in solidarity with the actions and demonstrations
which are set to take place in Montebello, blocked a pair of train
tracks belonging to Canadian National (CN) with cement blocks.
The tracks were blocked near the Outremont train yard. We chose
to carry out this act of sabotage because we openly oppose the Security
and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America, and we express our
direct solidarity with indigenous peoples in their struggle for self-
determination and the defense of their lands. We believe as well that
the tactics of choice of coalitions and convergence groups have a limited
impact in the face of intense economic, political, state, social, and police
repression under which we live, and we firmly assert that the time has
come to pass to action.

The history of the CN corporation clearly demonstrates its racist and
colonialist attitudes in creating pressure to obtain land which was
clearly stolen from indigenous people. This pattern continues to
reproduce itself year to year throughout the ages.

Let us not forget that the Canadian and Quebecois 'nations' were built
on the genocide of entire populations. This ongoing genocide continues
with our current capitalist system today. Now more than ever, CN is
persuing its expansion and that of the greed of Western imperialist
societies. Its current CEO, Hunter Harrison, now sits on the North
American Competitiveness Council (NACC), the main advisory body and
lobby to develop the SPP. The NACC is in the middle of developing a
plan behind closed doors to enrich the rich and marginalize the most

The SPP is no surprise. It seeks to deepen the process of global
economic integration while accentuating the repression and militarization
against those who unite and raise their voices more than ever against
the globalization of poverty. We denounce the fact that the rich and
powerful are securing 'their commerce', while demolishing all existing
barriers, and that they're creating 'security' and 'prosperity' plans
for the free circulation of goods while closing the borders to human
beings. They are creating a complex system of border militarization,
creating an entire sub-class of people, marginalization, and devastating

Down with CN!
Down with the SPP!
Free movement for all people!
Freedom and automomy for all indigenous people!

that was stupid
Mon, 2007-08-20 14:51

i live right next to the trainyards in outremont, and i'm pretty pissed about this. first, there is an elementary school playground right next to those tracks and many family dwellings aloong the length of it. perhaps you little fucks had a hardon thinking that you'd make a train derail and grab some headlines, but you know what? you didn't consider that you just endangered the lives of lots of children. that is a stupid stupid thing to do.

second, there's alot of us that enjoy hanging out on the tracks, playing music, having campfires etc. it's our little TAZ and the railroad security has typically been chill about it. now they will have less tolerance thanks to you.
go to hell.

i'm also 1/2 native, so thanks a bunch for speaking for me. well done.

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